well i wonder

do you see me when i sleep?

2003-02-22 9:40 p.m.

"sick (as in, "sick", not as in "cool")"

caution! caution! gross intimate details of my life ahead!

so... i've been really, really sick the past few days, since thursday morning. insanely inflamed tonsils, 102 degree f. fever, nose that has to be blown every two minutes (it's not running, just... let's say that my snot rockets would put puck from "the real world 3" to shame). i went to the doctor yesterday, who says it's pharyngitis, not strep. it cost me $70 for the visit, but she hooked me up with antibiotic samples since she knows i'm a student and have no health insurance. despite taking over the daily maximum of advil (which works better than aleve and tylenol, imo), it tends to wear off a good two hours before i can take it again. i'm starting to feel a little better this evening, i forced myself to eat (ouch), and to drink more water than i have been (also ouch). i was online trying to find out about this pharyngitis thing, and it's usually caused by various bacterias. however, it can also be caused by a specific type of, uh, contact with a person infected with a certain std starting with the letter g. ewwww. yeah. and i don't know of anyone who's been sick recently (except rob, who had something else). so i'll be having a certain uncomfortable conversation with a certain person on monday, and will be making an appointment at the campus health center as well. ewwww. i hearby declare that my "vd" joke that i made in this entry is no longer funny. i think i set myself up.

anyway, i had plans to meet some girls for a show tomorrow night, but i don't get to go since i'm sick. bah!

please be aware that much of this entry may be deleted by, possibly, tomorrow.

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