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2002-08-26 ∑ 11:52 p.m.


my trip to portland was a "blast" (what does that actually mean? the trip didn't blow up!). good to see kelly, good to go to shows, good to explore a new city. here are some highlights and lowlights:

thursday: after much panicking, i managed to navigate LAX airport fairly easily. after the flight was over, the guy who had sat two seats down from me walked with me and talked to me and he wanted my phone number even though he lives in portland. i gave him my email address and told him i have a boyfriend (white lie!) and so he hasn't emailed me. he looked about 25, but was a business-type guy, and so obviously not the type of person i would try to date. anyway... that night we (kelly and i, not weird-plane-guy) went to the bar in some upscale restaurant to meet her sister and friends and watch a pair of very nondescript, boring acoustic guitar players. lots of people dressed up for this one-of-a-kind social event. i made a comment about "not being grown up enough for that sort of place" but later i realized it's just because i prefer to be part of a scene of some sort rather than picking some random thing to "go out" to. (okay, poor word choice... not a "scene" necessarily, but an event where the patrons actually care about being there in particular, because of the band/artist/etc.) after that we went bowling, which was somewhat fun, despite the fact that i somewhat suck ass at bowling.

friday: we went for a long drive around northern oregon and stopped at crown point and at some assorted pretty waterfalls. we actually hiked to the top of multnomah falls! my calves still hurt today from it! but we made it, and we didn't turn back halfway up. friday night we headed out to the city to see watsonville patio, a band i have liked since i was in high school but haven't seen play in ages. they rocked. their singer janice is just as cool as i thought shr was when i was a wee thing of seventeen. also playing was some band whose name i can't recall, but they had a very wacky, effeminate singer wearing thrift store clothes and they were amusing, although i didn't care much for their songs. the show ended with rick bain, but we left partway through his set. i liked him, but the sound was turned up way too high during his set and it was giving both of us hurting ears and aching heads.

saturday: i hung out by myself all day at kelly's house while she was working. that night was morrissey at the roseland theater. i was in morrissey heaven. one of the high points of the event was when he was throwing out flowers to the audience. i reached up for one, my hand brushed it, but alas, it landed in the hands of another. luckily, that "another" was a guy, who said something about having gone to baseball games for 20 years and having never caught a ball, but he comes to see morrissey and he gets a flower from the guy. and then..... HE GAVE IT TO ME! (of course, on the way back to kelly's house, i licked the stem where morrissey's hand had grasped it, but only because i was joking around with kelly...um....really, thats the only reason i would do something so lame...) here's a good (i agree with it, therefore it's good) review of the show from morrisseytour.com:

The venue was pretty small (capacity 1200)- with a low balcony going 3/4 of the way around. The crowd was mostly younger hipster types.

Weekend gigs are often better, for obvious reasons. The weekend attendees can be more ready to party. Tonight was certainly no exception. The crowd was mad for it, cheering and stomping loud enough to drown out the intro tape. It helped that the venue was fairly small, with low-ish ceilings. It was very cozy, sold out, and the energy ran through the crowd.

Moz took the stage to thunderous applause. He was so chuffed, it was "written all over his face" (ha ha). He asked "are you sure youíve come to the right place?" The night only got better as it went on. The crowd would go completely wild at the start of each old hit. Most every song was a bit of a sing-along, but "Everyday is like Sunday" really brought down the house.

This show reminded me of Mozís first UK gig of the last tour- Nottingham- for the energy of the crowd. It was like catching a glimpse of what it would have been like to be at the "Live in Dallas" show, or Wolverhampton in í88. Definitely one of the better shows Iíve seen.

Itís something to see- the crowd going insane. Moz loving it- soaking it up. And going wild onstage himself, giving all heís got into the songs. Itís like heís doing exactly what heís born to do. Thereís this feeling of an exchange between him and the crowd. Itís a beautiful thing. This is not to say each gig he plays isnt' special. Probably every show has its own wonderful moments, but there's just something about a completely wild show where everyone is freaking out- the electricity running through the crowd is so palpable.

There were a few stage invaders, all of whom were carried away by- get this- 5 burly men each! one for each limb and one to spot, I guess. One of them knocked Moz down hard. I couldn't see from where I was standing but I'm told he hit his head. He was quick to pop back up, though. He was that into the show- nothing was going to stop him from finishing up and coming back for the encore.

He was pretty chatty tonight- and made a few references to Golf. He also said before "the first of the gang to die" Ė "I wrote this today while sitting on the bidet." He also made some comments about dogs just before "alsatian Cousin" (which has the dogs barking track in it).

I think this review pretty much sums it up, at least from my perspective. a lot of negative things were being said about the show on one of the message boards i was reading, but i thought it was great. maybe because i just lost my "moz-show-virginity".

sunday: went to church in portland with kelly, then to the saturday market (which is open on sunday). i bought lots of incense and a chicken gyro. we went to an antique mall (i couldn't believe the quality and the low prices!), a vintage store (just your average old crap plus lots of new stuff), a fun store with vintage furniture and home stuff, and then we had to leave. the flight home was relatively uneventful. word of advice: do not fly into LAX at 9:30 on a sunday night. "mayhem" doesn't even describe the hassle of being picked up.

summary: i like portland. i like big cities. i like old brick buildings. i like walking fast. i like blackberry milkshakes from burgerville. i like watsonville patio. i like morrissey. i like incense. i like low prices on antiques. i like my watsonville patio shirt and the pin i got for free. i like the roseland theater. i like dante's. i like pretty trees i like cloudy portland days.

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